Thanks for checking out my art!

        Hi, I’m Caitlin Henning, a queer illustrator and designer based in Clackamas, OR. Born and raised in Massachusetts, I have always had a deep love for nature. My best memories smell of campfires and bug spray. As a kid I could often be found up in the trees or scouring the river bed for friendly creatures. My art is greatly inspired by these memories and nostalgia of the outdoors and all they have to offer.

            Currently you can find me at Mike Bennett Studios, curating community events and assisting with creative direction and painting. You may also find me around Portland, OR selling my wares in markets and local shops and galleries. Find my own creations at

                You can find more of my works on instagram @little.henn . For questions and inquiries email me at

Thank you!

Checkout my instagram and twitter for process work and other pieces!